Cooling solutions to keep your server and data rooms running smoothly

Data Centre Design And Build

We specialise in the strategic design, construction, and ongoing management and maintenance of data centres, server rooms and communication rooms.”

Data Centre Design And Build Services:

Our in-house design, project management and engineering team has the ability to create bespoke solutions that meet the power and cooling demands of high density IT equipment whilst being resilient to future needs.
Ensuring the optimum temperature in data centres, server rooms and computer suites is essential to business continuity, and in many cases to maintain critical service and/or continuous revenue stream.

System failure or data loss can rapidly lead to devastating consequences.

Poor environmental conditions in a data centre can significantly affect the life and reliability of your machines and their components. The equipment in your data centre may become unreliable, reboot, or fail completely. The consequences of poor performance can be extremely costly, not just in terms of repairing or replacing hardware, but also in terms of company productivity.

With today’s ever-increasing reliance on IT equipment, effective air conditioning products play a critical role in ensuring that the correct environment for sensitive equipment is maintained. This is a complex and demanding area of air conditioning, requiring far more than simple atmospheric or comfort cooling.

Our in house team of professionals are trusted by industry experts to design, install and maintain the close tolerance air conditioning systems that data centres require, with all of our projects standing the test of time.


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