easily maintained environments for the benefit of building users, operators and owners.

Mechanical Services

Our mechanical services engineering team create comfortable, controllable, easily maintained environments nationally for the benefit of building users, operators and owners.

Buildings and their services are capital assets that must be looked after if their value is to be preserved and enhanced. High quality mechanical services can pay dividends throughout a building’s lifetime and we are committed to the principle of reusing, adapting and improving existing building systems so that they can meet or exceed current and future energy standards.

We strive to produce systems that not only function well, but also minimise the environmental impact of buildings. As a result we are committed to helping our customers achieve lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as significant changes within the energy industry continue to present both challenges and opportunities.

Many companies now have corporate, financial or legislative imperatives to reduce emissions, which we can assist you in understanding how low-carbon design and renewable energy systems can be economically incorporated into your business.

Strategically located, we are in a strong position to support our customers, from delivering a one-off project to ongoing repair and maintenance support. Our flexible working model enables us to deliver a strong and innovative service that exceeds our customers’ expectations, which we are passionate about providing in a responsible, safe and professional way.

Our Mechanical service include the following:

  • Boiler Plant
  • H&V Controls
  • Piped Services
  • Ventilation
  • Fume Extraction
  • Air Handling Plant
  • Water Treatment
  • Plant Monitoring


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